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Magnesium alloy

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  • Magnesium alloy


Magnesium alloy
As density of Mg alloy is about 1.8 which is lower than Aluminum alloy, a representative material of light metal, it comes into attention as a ultra light metal material for cars, airplanes, etc.
Also, because of its excellent characteristics of shielding electromagnetic waves and specific strength, it is widely used as a material for electromagnetic part.
INTEC will provide various Mg alloy with excellent quality to comply with the customer's demands. And we will establish continuous and stable supply system to meet customer's demands.
Specifications of Magnesium alloy elements
Specifications of Magnesium alloy elements
Alloy Al Zn Mn Si Fe Cu Ni Others
AZ91D 8.5-9.5 0.45-0.90 0.17-0.40 0.05max. 0.004max. 0.025max. 0.001max 0.01max
AZ63A 5.5-6.5 2.7-3.3 0.15-0.35 0.20max 0.20max 0.01max 0.01max
AZ31B 2.5-3.5 0.5-1.5 0.20min. 0.10max. 0.03max. 0.05max. 0.005max. Ca:0.04max.
AM50A 4.5-5.3 0.20max. 0.28-0.50 0.05max. 0.004max. 0.008max. 0.001max. 0.01max
AM60B 5.6-6.4 0.20max. 0.26-0.50 0.05max. 0.004max. 0.008max. 0.001max. 0.01max
Product introduction
Process of products
Dispersing, agitating and melting the material mix; Refining; Calming for seperation; Vacuum Degassing Ladle; Closed continuous refinery; Casting; Products;

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