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EBT sand

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DC bottom electrode(anode); Tilting device; DC upper electrode(cathode); Water-cooled roof Water-cooled panels; Eccentric bottom taphole;
NES-OS series, filler sand for eccentric bottom taphole in electric arc furnace is manufactured by INTEC's own patent-special coating technology, and shows very high free opening with high flowability, thermally and physicochemiclly stable characteristics onto molten steel.
  • Good flowability
  • High refractoriness
  • Low sinterability
  • High free open ratio
  • Easy workability
Physical properties
Physical properties
Products NES-OS
Grade I Grade II Grade III
MgO 40~50% 50~70% 70~90%
SiO2 35~45% 20~35% 5~15%
Fe2O3 10%max.
C 1%max.
Moisture 2%max.
Ig. loss 5%max.
Bulk density(g/cc) 1.7~2.2
Particle size(mm) 2~6mm, 90%≦
Application General steel Special steel Special steel
- Packing : 5kg, 10kg, 20kg / small bag, 1Ton big bag

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