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Gunning concrete

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Gunning concrete
repair technoloqy
Gunning concrete is a technology that can maintain simply without operation interruption on the damaged part of various kind of kiln refractories, such as high temperature facilities, coke oven and heating furnace etc.and is suitable in part that maintenance is difficult or emergency measure especially.
Gunning concrete material consists of inorganic binder and hardening agent to main raw material make of Kaolin chamotte, and when maintenance work, there is no dust occurs because powder is mixed with water in the end of the nozzle and injected.
Characteristic of
qunning concrete mix
  • Maintenance is easy without operation interruption of furnace.
  • It is economical because rebound loss is less.
  • Life time is long, because organization of sprayed body is dense
  • Physics and chemical durability is excellent.
Prioperties of qunning concrete mix
Prioperties of qunning concrete mix
Items RGC-40
Chemical analysis
Al2O3 35 min
SiO2 40 min
CaO 5 max
Fe2O3 4 max
Physical properties Max. Service temperature(oC) 1450
Bulk density(g/cm3) 1.7~1.9
Linear change(%) -0.15 ± 0.05
Cold crushing strength(kg/cm2)
at 1350oC
238 ~354
Main application Coke oven, Heating furnace
Characteristics Hi-strength
Maintenance scene of qunning concrete mix
Gunning concrete material; Product package; Maintenance photo;

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