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Ceramic welding materials

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  • Ceramic welding materials


Ceramic welding
repair technoloqy
The ceramic welding powder is the material to repair the damaged area of refractory, composing the various furnaces such as glass melting furnace, coke oven, converter, etc. and without stopping operation of furnace, it can easily and quickly repair while a furnace is in use.
The ceramic welding powder mixes the metal fuel such as Al, Si, Mg, Zr, etc. with refractory raw materials which have the same elements as the refractory, and injects the mixture through excess oxygen to work hardfacing welding on the damaged area quickly.
Characteristics of the
ceramic welding
repair materials
  • Easy working without stopping furnace
  • Can choose the same materials as furnace
  • Long lifespan of the repair materials
  • Economical working is possible.
  • Excellent physical, chemical durability
Quality table of the
ceramic welding repair materials
Quality table of the ceramic welding repair materials
SiO2 85 min 80 min
Al2O3 7 min 7 min
CaO, MgO 3 min 5 min
RO, R2O 1.5 min 3 min
Fe2O3 1 min 1 min
Refractoriness(SK) 34 34
Bulk density(g/㎤) 1.9~2.1 2.0~2.3
Apparent porosity(%) 15~20 1~5
Cold crushing strength (g/㎠) 350~500 600~
Main applications Cokes oven, Glass melter
Charateristics Anti-spalling Hi-strength
Imaqes of ceramic welding repairing
Ceramic weiding testing; Ceramic weiding testing; Image of repairing;

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